Facility Inspections

Gain Confidence in the Health and Efficiency of your School Buildings

A single state-of-the-art app (compatible with all devices) allows you to collect, analyze and store all of your building maintenance data.

Maintenance Surveys

Never Miss on Facility Maintenance Goals

Easily configure mandatory surveys and inspections and get reminders when you need to conduct them.

Staff Training

Proper Training for your Maintenance Team

Video training courses with quizzes to ensure your maintenance staff is up-to-date and certified.

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Report Maintenance Issues with QR Code Stickers

Streamline the reporting of maintenance issues with Free QR Code Stickers for your school district. These stickers can be placed in different areas within the school buildings so teachers and other staff members can simply scan the code to report any type of maintenance issues. Issues reported in this manner automatically generate work orders inside the SIPC Facility Maintenance App and the maintenance team is also notified instantly.

Track Reported Issues

Easily track the reported issues with a tracking link that shows all the reported issues by any individual in one place. Anytime the status of a reported issue changes, the person who reported the issue gets notified via email.

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What School Districts are Saying?

Watch school districts share their experience after implementing the SIPC facility maintenance system within their campuses.

Workflow Automation

Seamless Work Order Integration

  • Work Orders Generated from Inspections

    Various item conditions detected during facility inspections are automatically converted to work orders.

  • Assign, Track & Analyze Performance

    Assign maintenance personnel to work orders and track the estimated versus actual effort for maintenance jobs.

"SIPC Facility Maintenance System and its unique capabilities has reduced our maintenance costs and increased the staff efficiency."

- Robinson Community Unit School District 2

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Extensive Reporting with KPI Level Insights

We help school districts streamline their facility maintenance operations by providing online training and software for conducting inspections & surveys.

Access detailed textual and graphical reports for trainings, surveys & inspections using several filters designed to provide you with extensive data insights into your cleaning and maintenance activities.


Looking for an easy & Effective solution for conducting inspections & Surveys for school Buildings?

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FAQ Section

Some Q. & Answers

SIPC members can use this application at a discounted rate. The annual subscription is calculated at a lower cost per student with additional discount on training and setup fees.

Any school district across United States can use the SIPC Facility Maintenance application. The only difference between members and non members is how the pricing is calculated. Non-member pricing is slightly higher than the member pricing. Any school district can opt to become a member by completing and submitting our Free Membership Application at any point.

All the buildings, floors, rooms and various items in these rooms have to be configured for each school district in order to conduct accurate inspections. Additionally all the required the surveys have to be created. All of these configurations are performed as a part of the application setup. Once the setup is completed SIPC trains the building staff on how to use the app for maximizing efficiency and streamlining maintenance operations.

SIPC Apps work on all commonly used desktop and mobile devices. The web application can be accessed on any internet browser. The application is fully responsive and works on both desktop and mobile screens. The native mobile version of this app can also be downloaded from iOS and Android stores and can be installed on both phone and tablet devices.

School districts can get started by clicking on the Get Started button on this page. Once we receive your information, you will automatically be invited to our initial discovery call. During this call we gather some basic information about your school buildings to create your account. We will also walk you through the various features and answer any questions you may have. Once your account is created you will receive your login to continue with the next steps.

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