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About Us

SIPC was founded by school administrators as a means to address both the cost and effectiveness of school building maintenance. We currently have more than 500 members and the list keeps growing.

why choose us

Reasons why 500+ School Districts work with us


500+ Member Districts

There are over 500 school districts benefiting from training and support provided to members through our programs.


Free Membership

SIPC Membership is FREE and available to any public or private school district.  Members enjoy special pricing for apps.


Reduced Cost

Our programs provide value beyond reduced facility management costs by focusing on new technologies and sustainable building practices.


Health & Safety

Using SIPC Apps, Standard Operating Procedures & Green Cleaning Certification promotes & improves Building Health & Safety



Reduce labor costs through staff training, that advances process and performance improvement.



Provide a dynamic model to meet sustainability goals & assist in promoting environmental stewardship in schools.

reasons Your SCHOOL DISTRICT Needs facility maintenance software.

Most facility management software do not address the day to day challenges of buildings and grounds maintenance activities. SIPC Facility Maintenance System focuses on conducting regular building inspections and surveys in a very detailed manner and uses this data to determine the health scores for school facilities. It also streamlines the workflow and ensures that work orders are completed on time and within budget.


What is SIPC?

The SIPC was originally founded in Southern Illinois where 6 school districts banded together to find a way to harness the power of cooperative purchasing for their school district's custodial supplies.

SIPC Offerings

The SIPC has attorneys regularly review all offerings to ensure it is legal in the state of Illinois to use their services or offerings. Below is a brief summary of our offerings.

  • Custodial Supplies
  • Facility Maintenance App
  • Special Pricing
  • Performance Contracting

SIPC has grown to approximately 550 member school districts in Illinois with a gross spend on custodial supplies over $20,000,000 annually. All the SIPC board members are current school district employees.